INRIA European and International Programmes in information science and applied mathematics

INRIA is the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science
and Control.

1° The Associate Teams program links two research teams (one French from INRIA, one foreign) willing to cross-leverage their respective excellence or their complementarity. It is a bottom-up initiative started by two scientists, whose early collaboration has evolved into established and active ties. When reaching a degree of maturity and seeing a potential for a larger bandwidth of collaboration, the two may apply through the French side to the yearly call for proposals of the Associate Teams program.

The Associate Teams funding may be used :
- to support travel for senior scientists, PhD students, post-doctoral students ;
- to invite scientists on a reciprocal basis ;
- to invite researchers as lecturers in summer schools ;
- to organize bilateral thematic workshops ;
- to help develop promotional material (reports, CDRom) ;
- to organize tutorials connected to international conferences ;
as long as the underlying purpose is to foster exchanges and communal research between the two research groups.

The call for proposals on this programme is open until 20 October 2006.

Present partner groups of the Associate Teams programme can be found on:

Associate Teams

2° INRIA teams also wish to reinforce their links by sending Ph.D. graduates to foreign partner teams in informatics and applied mathematics for their postdoctoral work.

In return INRIA will fund a growing number of incoming international postdocs through its yearly call, the next one being issued next March and open also to new partner institutions. This Postdoc programme is funded partly by the French government and partly by INRIA.

Present partner institutions of INRIA for this exchange are listed on:
List of partner institutions

For a detailed description of INRIA’s international strategy please look at INRIA’s web site

Published on 02/12/2007

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