Imperial College and France’s CNRS launch joint PhD programme in Mathematical Sciences [fr]

Joint PhD programme launched between Imperial College and the CNRS in the fields of mathematics, data and their applications in all areas of science


Imperial College and the CNRS, two institutions running a joint mathematic lab in London (the UMI Abraham de Moivre), have decided together last December to launch a Joint PhD programme in "Mathematics, data and their application in all areas of sience".
Five projects will be funded and each project will have two PhD students, one based at a CNRS laboratory in France and one in London. There will be opportunities for the PhDs to collaborate and spend time in each other’s labs.

The programme, starting in October 2020, is open to all students of the College and the call for applications is open to projects related to mathematics, data, modern statistics, or AI and machine learning to scientific challenges across all disciplines

Call for applications will close on 20th January 2020 :

Published on 27/01/2020

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