Income tax 2018 helpsheet for non-residents

The tax authority crosses the Channel to present the 2018 tax return and deduction at source for non-residents in the UK

On Friday 27 April, the tax directorate for non-residents invited French peoples’ contacts (voluntary organizations, foreign trade advisers, consuls and consular delegates, media organizations) to a training session on the 2018 tax return.

The issues discussed included deduction at source, declaration and payment methods, and estates and inheritance.

We hope these points will be passed on to you through the channels you are familiar with (emails from your organizations, messages and press articles).

If you would also like to obtain practical and operational information, with training aids and step-by-step guides, we encourage you to visit the website

For non-residents, the tax return deadline is 17 May for paper forms and 22 May for online returns.

Download the income tax help sheet for individuals whose residence for tax purposes is outside France

Published on 08/01/2020

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