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All Schengen countries are present or represented in the United Kingdom – As per the rule of main destination, ensure that you submit your visa application to the Schengen country of your main destination/ longest stay.

Visa appointments are free of charge and can ONLY be booked via our outsourcing partner TLScontact

Why has the French Consulate General outsourced the reception of the visa applications?

Having the processing of visa applications carried out by an external service provider, such as TLScontact, has numerous benefits :

- Customer friendly service;
- Assistance in putting together your application: TLScontact will advise you if your application is incomplete before it is sent off to the French Consulate General;
- Shorter visa processing delays;
- On-line tracking facilities;
- Real-time information: TLScontact will inform you by email or text message as soon as your passport is ready for collection.

TLScontact’s role is to inform, receive and return the applications - it has no say in the actual processing of the visa applications. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made by the French Consulate General only.

Visa applicants who do not wish to make use of the service provided by TLScontact still have the option of applying for their visas directly at the French Consulate General in London, known as direct appointments.

Appointments are compulsory and must be made through TLScontact by calling 0845 7300 118, Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. By leaving your contact details, option 4, a Customer Service Representative will call you back shortly, usually within a day.

Note that direct appointments are only available on Wednesday mornings and you will have to apply in person. Processing delays still apply. There is a longer appointment waiting time for the French Consulate General so you are highly advised to submit your application at TLS contact.


For general information on whether you require a visa to go to France/ documents requested/ status of your visa application, please contact TLScontact :

- Via their website:
- or call 0845 7300 118, Monday to Friday between 8.30 and 16.30. By leaving your contact details, option 4, a Customer Service Representative will call you back shortly, usually within a day.

To comment on the procedure and the service you have received, you may contact the French Consulate General via this e-mail address :

Visa queries are not dealt with over the phone.

Do not send any visa application or passport to the French Consulate General as it will be immediately returned without being processed. The French Consulate General will not bear responsibility in case of loss of any document.

For general information about French visas :

Published on 22/11/2016

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