Initiative launched to support vaccine production for Africa

Global health – Launch of the initiative to support the production of vaccines for Africa – Press release issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, 28 May 2021

On his official visit to South Africa, the President participated in a round table with several people involved in the health sector (researchers, academics, industrial and economic partners) to announce the launch of an initiative to support the production of vaccines on the African continent. It has a very practical objective: more vaccines more quickly on the ground.

With the aim of allowing universal access to the vaccine, President Macron and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa appealed to the producers of vaccines, therapeutic products and tests to conclude licensing agreements so that their innovations can be deployed worldwide.

President Macron also stressed the need for transparency on prices and stronger global governance as regards health.

With the help of an international coalition – Germany, the United States, the World Bank and the European Union –, South Africa’s manufacturing capacities will be supported so that they very quickly become operational in the production of COVID-19 vaccines.

This ambitious initiative aims to lend South African producers international support in terms of investment and expertise so that existing production capacities in South Africa can very swiftly be operational in the production of COVID-19 vaccines. These projects are part of a broader context of a European initiative to support the pharmaceutical industry on the African continent, announced in Paris by the President of the European Commission during the Summit on the Financing of African Economies on 18 May./.

Published on 03/06/2021

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