Inria: "Smartphones: our applications are getting smarter"


Romain Rouvoy, a researcher in the Spirals team at Inria Lille - Nord Europe, was awarded accreditation to supervise research (HDR, Habilitation à diriger des recherches) in December 2014.

This prestigious academic award recognises his research in software engineering applied to smartphones.

In a world where smartphones and digital applications are becoming more and more present, academic research is now focusing on next-generation applications, able to understand the user’s needs.

Romain Rouvoy is exploring with his team three interconnected areas of research:

- elasticity of ubiquitous systems;
- contextualizing in ubiquitous systems;
- self-adapting ubiquitous systems.

The combination of these three areas can lead to the development of new applications, more adaptable to users’ expectations and environment.

In order to get further information, please read the full article on Inria website.

Published on 20/04/2015

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