Inria launches a Mooc on « Code-Based Cryptography »



We all use cryptography in our daily lives. The security of the most popular Public-Key Cryptosystems are based either on the hardness of factoring or the presumed intractability of the discrete logarithm problem. Advances on these problems or the construction of large quantum computers would dramatically change the landscape: Code-Based Cryptography is a powerful and promising alternative.

The objective of this course is to present the state of the art of these cryptosystems. This MOOC covers the essentials that you should know about this hot topic in Cryptography and Coding Theory: the security-reduction proofs, the possible attacks, several proposals to reduce the key-size, etc.

Programme :

  • Week 1: Error-Correcting Codes and Cryptography
  • Week 2: McEliece Cryptosystem
  • Week 3: Message Attacks (ISD)
  • Week 4: Key Attacks
  • Week 5: Other cryptographic constructions relying on coding theory

The course will be run on the French Mooc platform FUN (France Université Numérique) from May 25, 2015 to June 28, 2015.

For further information and registration, please visit the MOOC webpage:

Published on 17/04/2015

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