Invitation to the international conference "Climate, Health, Inequalities: which solutions?"


As part of the COP21’s solutions agenda, the ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Women’s rights organizes an International Conference in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) on June 18 and 19 in Paris on the following theme : "Climate, Health, inequalities: which solutions?".

In presence of the minister Marisol Touraine, researchers, representatives of civil society, elected officials and international organizations will discuss the challenges and possible solutions that may have a decisive impact on health and living conditions of the population.

On the 18th the discussion will focus on the state of knowledge on the connections between environment, inequalities and health. Dominique Voynet, former minister of ecology, as well as other professionals coming from diverse areas of competence such as the doctor Jean-Claude Ameisen, or the economist Eloi Laurent will highlight these interactions and help us reflect on the current research conducted on this topic.

The second day of the conference, June 19, will concentrate on the importance of health issues in the debates about climate change. We will give the floor to actors at local level, especially cities that propose solutions to promote health while combating climate change. The focus will also be on the capacity of health care systems to deal with climate risks, especially where the populations are the most vulnerable. Discussions will be lead by journalists specialized in health issues such as Richard Horton (the Lancet editor) and Claire Hédon (Radio France international journalist).

Dr. Maria Neira, Director of Public health and Environment Department at WHO, Pr. Anthony Costello, Director of the Lancet Commisison on climate change and health, as well as representatives of different regional offices of the WHO, of the IPCC, of the World Bank, and officials from various cities will share their experience and skills with us.

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Published on 12/06/2015

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