Jo Johnson speaks in French during Francophonie week

Minister of State for Universities and Science Jo Johnson discusses in French the importance of Franco-British cooperation in building the ’knowledge economy’


Francophonie week in the UK culminated with a reception at the Ambassador’s Residence where Minister of State for Universities and Science Jo Johnson spoke in French about the importance of the knowledge economy for the UK and France.

Addressing guests in French - some of whom included Ambassadors from francophone countries, journalists and those working in the education and science sectors - Mr Johnson said:

"Our desire to prosper in a knowledge economy brings our two countries together. In order to do this we need to strengthen our links instead of weakening them."

The Minister also said that « La semaine de la francophonie est une célébration d’une langue magnifique ». He explained that « l’Union européenne a des avantages clairs pour notre capacité à relever les défis mondiaux de l’avenir ».

The Ambassador, also speaking in French, said:

"I welcome the creation of a network of young Francophone civil servants and the work of French societies in UK universities, which illustrate the appeal of our language and culture in Shakespeare’s country.”

International Francophone Day is a global celebration by the Organisation internationale de la francophonie (OIF) [an international Francophone organization] on 20 March every year.

The event was created in 1988 as a way for OIF member states and governments to celebrate their common link – the French language – and their diversity. The 274 million French speakers on five continents celebrate their shared language and the diversity of the OIF with a variety of events, including film festivals, book shows and art exhibitions.

To see our photos of the evening, click the image below.

Jo Johnson MP speaks during Francophonie week

Published on 17/02/2017

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