LANEF PhD Program Spring 2016


The Laboratory of Nanosciences and Energy of the Future (LANEF) is launching the Spring 2016 edition of its PhD Program.


LANEF PhD Program is a three year program to support PhD training of excellent students. The thesis will be prepared in one of the five laboratories (NEEL, INAC, G2ELab, LNCMI and LPMMC) on a topic related to one or several of the following fields:

  • Photonics and semiconductors
  • Spintronics and nanomagnetism
  • Quantum nanoelectronics
  • Breakthroughs for electrical energy
  • Advanced superconductivity
  • New frontiers in cryogenics
  • Nanosensors and nanomaterials for health and biology
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics.

How to apply

  • The application form template is to be downloaded from that webpage and upload on our online application webpage.

Deadline: 2016, March 28 - 6pm.

PDF - 528.4 kb
LANEF PhD Program Spring 2016 Call
(PDF - 528.4 kb)

Published on 03/02/2016

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