Lionel Barber awarded the Légion d’honneur

Editor of Financial Times decorated by Ambassador Bermann for his dedication to high-quality journalism


22 February 2017

The editor of the Financial Times newspaper, Lionel Barber, has been awarded the Légion d’honneur at a ceremony at the French Residence.

Presiding over the ceremony was French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann who praised Mr Barber’s contribution to high-quality journalism, his impartiality and honesty.

Prior to joining the Financial Times in the US as Washington correspondent and US editor, Mr Barber co-authored the book, The Price of Truth, while he was a Laurence Stern fellow at The Washington Post.

Before returning to London to become editor, he held a number of strategic roles in Europe and the US – such as Brussels bureau chief, news editor, editor of the continental Europe edition and managing editor of the US edition.

Mr Barber has also enjoyed a prolific career as an academic, giving lectures on US foreign policy, relations between the US and Europe, European security and monetary union at universities including Columbia, Harvard and Stanford, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Foreign Service Institute and the London School of Economics.

Mr Barber’s career as a journalist has seen him interview such figures from the financial world as former French Finance Ministers Christine Lagarde and Emmanuel Macron, the former French Economy Minister.

Published on 09/05/2017

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