Look at France - Some important dates for French kids


Some important dates for French kids

le jour de l’an (New Year’s Day)

mardi gras (Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday)

le jour de Pâques (Easter Day)

le 1 er avril (April Fools’ Day)

In France on 1 April, children cut fish shapes out of paper and stick them on their friends’ backs without them knowing, and people play practical jokes on each other before crying out “Poisson d’avril!” (“April Fool!”).

le 14 juillet (Bastille Day)

This is France’s National Day and commemorates the storming of the “Bastille” (a prison) in 1789, which triggered the French Revolution (see “The French Revolution” section under “History”).

le jour de Noël (Christmas Day)

When you hear the word “France” what do you think of?

la tour Eiffel

un coq

le vin

une grenouille

un escargot


le drapeau tricolore

une baguette

un croissant

Published on 27/04/2009

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