Michel Sapin announces anti-corruption plan in London

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin visits London for anti-corruption summit


13 May 2016

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin has visited London to represent France in the anti-corruption summit chaired by David Cameron.

France’s action plan in tackling corruption has also been made available on the Finance Ministry’s website.

Before the summit, Mr Sapin met George Osborne at 11 Downing Street.

Mr Sapin also held meetings with public officials, MPs, representatives from businesses and NGOs, to gather evidence ahead of the discussion by the French Parliament of the ’Sapin 2 law’ on transparency and anti-corruption.

The new government bill will give extended protection to whistleblowers and introduce a national electronic register of lobbyists.

The bill provides for the creation of the National Agency to Combat Corruption, tasked with the detection and prevention of corruption.

It also obliges companies with a workforce of over 500 and whose annual turnover exceeds €100 million to implement a corruption prevention plan by putting in place procedures to guard against the risk of corruption.

To read more about the Sapin 2 law, click here:

The Minister also gave an interview to BBC Newsnight in which he explained why France wanted Britain to remain within the EU.

Published on 17/02/2017

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