Migration and Emotions

Thursday 20 June 2019, 3.00pm
Venue: Institut français du Royaume-Uni, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
Free but booking essential: 020 7871 3515, box.office@institutfrancais.org.uk
As part of The Borders of Identity cycle of events


The issue of immigration is too often reduced to a political controversy or a litany of figures, obscuring the reality of individual lives: the lives of those who seek refuge, and the lives of those who help them. Philosophers Fabienne Brugère and Miguel de Beistegui, geographer Aija Lulle, activists Maddy Robinson (STAR) and Claire Pilidjian (MigrENS) reflect on the emotions created by migration among refugees and in host societies, to help fight generalisations and come closer to the everyday experience of displacement.

About the speakers

Roundtable 1: 3pm-4.15pm: The Emotions of Migrants

Jen Bagelman (University of Exeter)
Jen Bagelman grew up on Coast Salish territories (Vancouver Island, Canada) where she completed her BA and MA at the University of Victoria. After finishing her PhD at the Open University, she lectured in geography at Durham University and then completed a two-year SSHRC funded postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is now a lecturer in human geography. Her academic and activist work critically examines how displacement is produced through exclusionary citizenship and bordering practices. She is also deeply interested in how people mobilize to enact more loving geopolitics.

Aija Lulle (University of Loughborough)
Aija Lulle is a Lecturer in Human Geography. Driven by a curiosity about how people live their lives in myriad places across the world, her research focuses on two dimensions: how these lives change through migration, and how they evolve across the life-course. The overall question she asks is: How can people create better lives for themselves and their families through migration and mobility? She is currently writing a book on youth mobility in the new context of Brexit.

Pam, Refugee Week Ambassador
As an activist for political freedom in her native Thailand, Pam was an outspoken student critic of the junta regime. Because of this she was mistreated, jailed and persecuted. Pam is now an activist in exile and has been living in the UK with refugee status since 2016. She works with STAR (Student Action for Refugees) as their Communication and Campaign Volunteer Officer, working to improve how Britain welcomes students from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds in Britain; she has written a blog for the Refugee Week website.

Chair: Amedeo Policante (University of Warwick)
Amedeo Policante is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Warwick, within the framework of Philosophy in a Time of Crisis: a collaborative research project led by Professor Miguel de Beistegui. Amedeo Policante’s research intertwines political philosophy, critical theory and the study of international relations, focusing especially on the study of violence in its many forms. Among his publications is The Pirate Myth: Genealogy of an Imperial Concept (Routledge, 2015)

Roundtable 2: 4.30-5.45pm: The Emotions of Host Societies

Fabienne Brugère (Université Paris 8 Vincennes/Saint-Denis)
Fabienne Brugère is a philosopher and Professor at Université Paris 8 Vincennes/Saint-Denis. She works on aesthetics and the philosophy of art, the ethics of care and political philosophy. Among her many publications, she is co-author with Guillaume le Blanc of La fin de l’hospitalité (Flammarion, 2017).

Georg Löfflmann (University of Warwick)
Georg Löfflmann is Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Warwick. His research interests revolve around the interaction of security and identity, discourse and practice, and the role of the everyday in shaping politics. He is interested in how particular discourses emerge as dominant in the political and public sphere, and how processes of identity formation and meaning making enable or constrain policy choices and provoke resistance against existing political hegemonies. From 2016-2018 he worked with Prof. Nick-Vaughan Williams on the ’Border Narratives’ project: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/pais/research/researchcentres/irs/bordernarratives

Maddy Robinson (STAR)
Maddy Robinson is the student network coordinator of STAR (Student Action for Refugees) Maddy has been involved with STAR since 2013. STAR is a national charity of 27,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. They volunteer at local refugee projects, campaign to improve the lives of refugees and educate people about refugees and asylum.

Claire Pilidjian (MIGRENS)
Claire Pilidjian is the former president of Migrens, a student organization of the Ecole Normale supérieure helping refugees to study in France and learn French, as well as providing cultural activities and access to classes at the ENS. As a student, she specializes on the Middle East.

Chair: Miguel de Beistegui (University of Warwick)
Miguel de Beistegui is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, and leads the project “Philosophy in times of Crisis”, which led to the organization of a conference on “Margins of Europe” in Paris in 2018. He has recently published The Government of Desire: A Genealogy of the Liberal Subject (2018).

In partnership with Migrens, STAR, the University of Warwick and the Maison Française d’Oxford.

This event is part of the Refugee Week programme and of The Borders of Identity cycle of events.


Published on 11/06/2019

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