Minister urges swifter removal of terrorist content online

Fight against terrorism – Increased coordination between the G7 states – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Interior

Paris, 20 October 2017

M. Gérard Collomb, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of the Interior, participated in a meeting of G7 interior ministers in Ischia (Italy) today. It brings to a close a 10-day series of major international meetings with the G6 in Seville, Spain, and the Franco-Senegalese seminar.

The meeting was devoted to the fight against terrorism. It allowed coordination between G7 states faced with the threat of terrorist fighters returning from Syria and Iraq to be stepped up.

It also allowed a detailed dialogue with representatives of the Internet giants (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter) on the challenges posed by the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes.

While Daesh [so-called ISIL] is well on the way to being defeated militarily on the ground in Iraq and Syria, it remains active on the Internet. Terrorists resort to the Internet to recruit, communicate, spread propaganda and claim responsibility for attacks. So it is essential for Internet companies to step up their efforts to combat these unlawful uses of the Internet.

Gérard Collomb, together with his G7 counterparts, called in particular for Internet companies to remove terrorist content online one or two hours after it is published, since its rapid removal is essential for preventing it from spreading.

The G7 members also called for Internet companies to go further, and to improve and share between them the technical tools allowing terrorist content to be removed instantly and automatically as it is published, thanks in particular to search engine optimization methods for unlawful content.

The Ministre d’Etat, Minister of the Interior and his G7 partners will continue their dialogue with the Internet companies to ensure that these measures are followed up.

Gérard Collomb is keen to reiterate the importance of cooperation concerning the resources established to fight more effectively against terrorism and radicalization./.

Published on 30/10/2017

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