Minister explains handling of returning terror suspects

Fight against terrorism – Turkey – Reply by M. Gérard Collomb, Ministre d’Etat, Minister of the Interior, to a question to the government in the Senate

Paris, 26 October 2017

Question on the return of jihadists to France

The government is paying special attention to this problem. The Cazeneuve agreements reached with Turkey allow us to keep a close eye on men and women returning from the Iraq-Syria theatre of war. More than 240 adults, and 50 minors – most of them under 12 – have returned to French soil since 2012. They are automatically dealt with by the courts and given a criminal record. The Paris public prosecutor is in charge of this.

Since 2015, men, women and a few minors who have been combatants have been automatically remanded in police custody. After they have been remanded in police custody, the liberty and custody judge can decide on imprisonment. Currently, more than 130 are in prison. As for the others, those who are free are all subject to administrative monitoring by the DGSI [Directorate-General for Internal Security] or socio-judicial follow-up. The problem today is perfectly taken care of./.

Published on 31/10/2017

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