Minister highlights efforts to combat illegal immigration

European Union – Migration – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Interior

Paris, 5 August 2016

M. Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, pays tribute to the effectiveness of the security forces, who, through their immediate responsiveness, have swiftly halted an attempt by some 200 migrants to cross the French-Italian border, enabling them to be immediately readmitted to Italy.

The Interior Minister recalls the state services’ total mobilization to ensure our borders are secured. To this end, a tailored operation is being deployed permanently which has comprised two mobile police units in Alpes-Maritimes [department] in recent months, reinforced since the beginning of the week by the commitment of [Operation] Sentinelle forces. These personnel are in addition to the local security services of the gendarmerie, public security and border police.

Concurrently, the state services are especially committed to combating people-smuggling rings. Since the beginning of the year, 221 networks have been dismantled, compared with 177 at the same time in 2015 – i.e. a 25% increase.

The Interior Minister recalls the government’s total determination to combat illegal immigration./.

Published on 19/09/2017

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