Minister reviews France’s counter-terrorism measures

Fight against terrorism – Select Defence Council – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Interior (excerpts)

Paris, 11 August 2016

The Interior Minister attended the Defence Council meeting on 11 August and gave an update on the fight against terrorism.

The President recalled “the need for constant vigilance” and confirmed the “expansion of the operational reserve force”. The force has been increased to 12,500 women and men. (…) Bernard Cazeneuve added that nearly 4,700 contracts had been signed for the National Police reserve force. Finally, 6,000 troops from Operation Sentinelle have been deployed outside the capital. (…)

The Interior Minister had emphasized that events which do not have the necessary security safeguards will be cancelled. Of the 60 events planned between now and the end of the summer, only 15 have been cancelled or postponed. (…)

The Minister announced that he will visit Lourdes for the pilgrimage and the Var [department] for the fireworks, to supervise the security measures being put in place.

Many messages with a view to the perpetration of terrorist attacks are now being exchanged via encrypted means, which makes the intelligence services work even more difficult. This is a new challenge that demands an international response in order to be effective, the Interior Minister stressed. Bernard Cazeneuve will meet his German counterpart at the end of August to launch a European initiative. He said France will make proposals, as it did for the Internet, recalling that France was the first country to sign a charter with the web giants and that other countries followed suit. (…)./.

Published on 19/09/2017

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