New cooperation agreement on health sciences between Université Paris Descartes and UCL

The Faculté de Médecine of Université Paris Descartes (UPD) and UCL Institute for Women Heath of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences have organised the first joint seminar on the topic of Fetal Growth Restriction on May 5, 2017. In spite of recent advances, the primary causes of this disease are still not well known. To overcome the complexity of the task, exchanges and collaborations between scientists and practitioners are needed so as to be able to accelerate the comprehension of the underlying phenomena and, at a later stage, to develop suitable monitoring and prevention means.

The seminar that was held at the Résidence de France, has gathered more than 50 participants issued from each Faculty, as well as other actors of health domain (INSERM, Hôpitaux parisiens, GE, etc.).


Launch of cooperation between Université Paris Descartes and UCL at the Résidence de France
Prof. Graham HART (Dean of UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences, Geoffrey Sockett (Vice Président for International Relations of UPD), Prof. Anna DAVID (Head of UCL Dpt. of Maternal-Fetal Medicine), Prof. Gérard FRIEDLANDER (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of UPD), Prof. Vassilis TSATSARIS (Hôpital Cochin - APHP and INSERM)

In addition to this seminar, that initiates a long-term cooperation between the two Faculties, an agreement supporting a student exchange programme has also been set up.

Professors Vassilis TSATSARIS (UPD) et Anna DAVID (UCL) were the key persons for the organisation of this event and for the initiation of the exchange programme. In particular, it is thanks to the long-term sojourn of Prof. TSATSARIS at UCL (from September 2016) that this cooperation could be initiated and developed.

The Seminar has shown that the cooperation is already on a very good track. Two joint research projects have been identified in order to shape and feed the collaboration in addressing two topics of the problematic: (i) clinical issues and (ii) related medical imagery. A new meeting on the same model as this Seminar is planned to take place next year in Paris. Bilateral student exchanges will start during next academic year.

Published on 10/05/2017

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