OPECST benchmarking in the United Kingdom on artificial intelligence


On the 14-16th December 2016, l’Office Parlementaire d’Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques (OPECST), the equivalent of the science select committee from House of Commons, has performed a benchmark on Artificial Intelligence (AI), topic of special interest in the government’s priorities (Eight Great Technologies), in decision making for state science strategy and for their impact on our society, to name a few.
This on-site studies were done by Mr Claude de Ganay (on the right hand side on the picture), MP and Mr Mehdi Benhabri, Senat administrator.
The mission has shedded light on four axes: 1) The state of the art of research in AI and computing technologies, 2) Opportunities and risks of IA as technology; 3) The relationship between public and private research programs; 4) The outcome of IA toward ethic, economy, education and law.
In order to establish a report and to draw the landscape of AI in the UK, the delegation has met several key actors in Oxford (Oxford University, Oxford Martin School), in Cambridge (Lerverhulme center, Center for the study of existential risks, Cambridge University), and in London (The Royal Society, InnovateUK, KTN, University of Sheffield, Science committee, the Alan Turing Institute, UCL Knowledge Lab, EPSRC, University of Bristol, Imperial College London).

Redactor: Dr Ludovic Drouin, Attaché for Science and Technology

Published on 23/12/2016

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