Paris calls for presidential elections in Mali following coup

Mali – Situation in Mali – Statement by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

Paris, 31 May 2021

France reiterates its strong condemnation of the coup in Mali, leading to the forced resignation of President Bah Ndaw and his prime minister on 26 May.

It takes note of Mali’s suspension from ECOWAS institutions, which was decided at the extraordinary summit of heads of State and government on 30 May.

Like ECOWAS, France believes that organizing presidential elections in Mali on 27 February 2022 is an absolute priority, under the strict conditions set out by the heads of State and government in the communiqué of 30 May.

It supports the implementation by ECOWAS of a monitoring mechanism for the transition period.

Compliance with these conditions, to be verified by ECOWAS, is the precondition for maintaining the commitment of Mali’s partners and supporting the transition./.

Mali – Reply by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to a question in the National Assembly

Paris, 25 May 2021

France utterly condemns yesterday’s takeover by force in Mali, which followed a change of government legally decided by transitional president Bah Ndaw and prime minister Moctar Ouane and led to the arrest at Kati barracks of President Bah Ndaw and the incumbent prime minister.

This is a strong condemnation, a unanimous condemnation by the African Union, the European Union and all Mali’s neighbours, meeting together in the framework of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.

It’s a condemnation we’re going to propose again at the United Nations Security Council; we’re going to convene the meeting this morning, New York time – so, in a few hours – to take into consideration the serious situation existing in Mali, because the civilian nature of the transition is a sine qua non of the transition process’s credibility and of the support international partners are able to lend the Malian authorities, respecting, in the strict sense of the word, the civilian nature of the transition and the transition deadline.

So right now we demand the release of the authorities, whose safety must be guaranteed, and the immediate resumption of the normal course of the transition. I know that Nigeria’s former president, Mr Goodluck [Jonathan], is due to visit Bamako today to put across the regional countries’ point of view. Let me be clear that if by any chance there’s no restoration of the transitional order, we’ll adopt immediate measures targeting the military and political leaders hindering the transition./.

Published on 02/06/2021

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