Paris reacts to formation of Palestinian unity government

Press briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesman (excerpts)

Paris, 3 June 2014


Formation of a Palestinian national unity government (2 June 2014)

THE SPOKESMAN – The announcement of the formation of a Palestinian national unity government under the authority of President Abbas is the first step towards implementing the reconciliation agreement concluded on 23 April. France is committed to the holding of general and presidential elections, in accordance with this agreement, throughout the Palestinian Territories.

France is ready to work with a Palestinian Authority government as long as it rejects the use of violence, is committed to the peace process and honours the agreements concluded, which means recognizing Israel. France takes note of the assurances to that effect given by President Abbas and reaffirms its support for a reconciliation process that would fall within this framework.

Putting an end to the division of the Palestinian territories would be an important step towards the two-state solution. Every effort must now be made by the parties to achieve this objective through the swift resumption of the peace negotiations.

Q. – Given that the Israeli Prime Minister is refusing to recognize this government that he’s describing as a Hamas government, I would like to know if you intend to approach him to persuade him to change his attitude.

THE SPOKESMAN – We would like the process of dialogue and discussion between the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to be able to resume. Every effort must be made to enable the peace process to continue and be a success. (…)./.

Published on 04/06/2014

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