Paris reacts to prospect of new Palestinian government

Press briefing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesman (excerpts)

Paris, 24 April 2014


Middle East peace process

Q. – A reaction to the rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas, and also to Israel’s decision to cancel a meeting with the Palestinians on the peace process?

THE SPOKESMAN – We have learned of the announcement of a Palestinian government to be formed in the near future composed of independent figures.

As everyone knows, France has always supported Palestinian reconciliation under President Abbas’s authority and the organization of elections in the Palestinian Territories. It is prepared to work with a Palestinian Authority government as soon as this rejects any recourse to violence, is committed to the peace process and accepts all the agreements concluded, especially with Israel, and the obligations resulting from them.

Every effort must be deployed today to allow the peace process to continue and succeed. (…)./.

Published on 18/02/2016

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