Pet cats, dogs and ferrets - Transport of Veterinary Medicine to France

Transport of veterinary drugs for personal use to United Kingdom from France:

If you buy veterinary drugs for your pets in the U.K., there is no problem importing them to France if you are accompanied by pet(s) that are having medical treatment. _ You need the prescription which proves that a vet prescribed drugs for your animal and that you have bought it legally. You have to travel with all the necessary papers (prescription) which justify the purchase of veterinary drugs. Keeping of receipts of veterinary drugs is advisable.

Purchase of veterinary drugs (non-existent in France) in the United Kingdom to import from France :

People who want to order veterinary drugs in the U.K. to import them to France, need to have authorization from the French National Agency for Veterinary Medicine.

Contact :

Agence Nationale du Médicament Vétérinaire

Mme Laurentie

Tel : 00 33 2 99 94 78 78


B.P. 90 203

35 302 Fougeres - cedex

Published on 07/11/2012

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