Pet cats, dogs and ferrets - Dangerous dogs in France

A.If your dog belongs to a breed recognized as dangerous dog, you cannot import this kind of dog in France (cat. 1). These breeds are :

- any dog of the type known as the Staffordshire terrier without a pedigree.

- any dog of the type known as the American Staffordshire terrier without a pedigree. (These types of dogs can be named « Pitbulls »

- any dog of the type known as the Mastiff. (These types of dogs can be named « boerbulls »)

- any dog of the type known as the Tosa without a pedigree. 

B.Other breeds classified as guard dogs (cat. 2) with a pedigree can be imported into France :

- Staffordshire terrier

- American Staffordshire terrier

- Rottweiler- Rottweiler and any dog of the type known as the Rottweiler without a pedigree.

- Tosa

It is advisable to have a certificate that your dog has a pedigree.

I.You have to meet the following requirements to import a guard dog to France :

- The dog has to be identified (tattooing or microchipping, etc).

- You have to register the dog in the town council where you will be staying. 

- The vaccination against rabies is compulsory. 

- Owners have to maintain insurance against their dogs injuring third parties. 

- The dog has to be on a lead and muzzled when in public place 

II.There are some conditions attached to possessing this type of dog, the owners must:

- Be over 18 years of age 

- Not be under guardianship 

- Not be convicted of an offence or in custody.

Otherwise, you need a document explaining your police/criminal record and how this relates to the French legislation. If you have any enquiries about legislation, please contact the Home Office. 

- Not already have been forbidden to possess a dog. 

If a person arriving in this country produces paperwork that purports to prove that the dog is not a prohibited type it is necessary for the authorities to be cautious.

Paperwork accompanying the dog should be detailed and comprehensive.

Owners should be aware that the dog displays the defining characteristics that are represented in the prohibited types the dog could be seized. It is therefore necessary to be very cautious when you want to bring your dog from overseas.

If there is any doubt as to whether the dog in question could be considered to be of the prohibited type, tne advise is NOT to bring it into this country.

For further information please see the French Ministry for Agriculture PDF document

PDF - 138.6 kb
(PDF - 138.6 kb)

Published on 25/10/2013

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