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Police (or Internal Security) Attaché / DCI (Direction de la coopération internationale)

Under the authority of the French Ambassador, the Police Attaché represents France’s two Police Forces, the National Police and National Gendarmerie, in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), working with the British police and immigration and civilian security services.

A Contrôleur général de la police nationale, he is supported by a Deputy Police Attaché, currently a lieutenant-colonel in the National Gendarmerie, one National Police captain, two majors, and one lieutenant, specializing in counter-terrorism, serious organized crime and illegal immigration.

The service is tasked with reinforcing international cooperation on security, on the basis of international and European agreements signed by France.

The DCI assists in implementing France’s foreign policy on internal security with the help of almost 100 overseas offices, covering around 135 countries.

In this area, it devises, studies and develops technical cooperation projects, which it also carries out and evaluates. For such studies it seeks outside funding. While promoting French technology, it coordinates and, if applicable, leads consultancy studies undertaken at international, and especially European Union level.

The main tasks of the Police Attaché’s Office are:

1.To facilitate operational cooperation between the French National Police and Gendarmerie and the UK police forces, law-enforcement agencies and illegal immigration services, etc.

2.To organize and implement technical cooperation on internal security between the UK and France.

3.To represent all French Interior Ministry directorates in their contacts with Home Office directorates.

4.To support the French Embassy departments.


Police Attaché
French Embassy in the United Kingdom
58, Knightsbridge
SW1X 7JT London
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7073 1000 (switchboard)

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Published on 01/09/2014

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