Prime Minister highlights France’s support for Ukraine in National Assembly

Ukraine – Welcoming of Ukrainian refugees – Reply by Mme Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, to a question in the National Assembly

Paris, 12 July 2022

I want to begin by thanking you for the question, which concerns a major issue that I don’t think we’ve talked about enough these past few hours or even weeks. The conflict in Ukraine has been going on for five months now, with all the suffering you mentioned. I want to express my admiration, which I imagine is shared by everyone here, for the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people, and I think we can pay tribute to them.

A few weeks ago, President Macron had the opportunity, alongside the German Chancellor and Italian Prime Minister, to reaffirm France and Europe’s support for Ukraine. This support is political first, and includes, as you pointed out, recognition of the status of candidate for membership of the European Union. It’s also based on a concrete, tangible commitment, namely the welcoming of nearly 100,000 Ukrainian men and women – there are many women and children – to our country. The support is also humanitarian and economic; lastly, it includes the delivery of essential weapons to the Ukrainians.

As you also pointed out, the conflict in Ukraine has tangible consequences for our fellow citizens, among other things because of Russia’s retaliation measures, which are having an impact on energy supplies and raw materials.

I won’t expand on all these aspects, but, as I said during the liaison committee meeting I held with the Assembly President and chairs of the parliamentary groups, I propose holding a liaison committee meeting on Ukraine by the end of the month in which the Armed Forces Minister, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Chief of the Defence Staff will take part. A debate on the conflict in Ukraine should be organized in the chamber and the nation’s elected representatives must have all the information at their disposal to debate this major subject./.

Published on 14/07/2022

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