Removing Space Debris : Global Affairs and Technology perspectives


On December 7, 2018, the Department for Higher Education, Research and Innovation of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom hosted Dr. Nikita CHIU, researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Technology and Global Affairs and Mr Thomas CHABOT, chartered engineer at AIRBUS Defense and Space, Toulouse, as part of the conference-debate "Removing Space Debris : Global Affairs and Technology perspectives" on the RemoveDebris mission launched in October 2018 and set up by a consortium in which Airbus is one of the major players. The technological prowess was put forward by Mr. Thomas Chabot, specialist in error detection, isolation and recovery, he also has experience in Orbital Rendez-Vous and space debris mitigation. Dr. Chiu, who specializes in sustainable development in the space sphere, focused mainly on politics and diplomatic perception, highlighting the importance of close international collaboration in this area; her presentation also allowed us to appreciate the fundamental need of interacting with the public to raise awareness on the importance of space activities.

Published on 14/12/2018

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