Report Franco-Scottish Science Seminar: Energy Conversion and Storage

The Royal Society of Edinburgh hosted on 21st October 2015 a Franco-Scottish Seminar organised in collaboration with the French Embassy in London, entitled: "Energy Conversion and Storage: Fuels to Electrons and Electrons to Fuels"


Scotland and France are each making substantial contributions to the scientific advances which are necessary to develop new and better approaches to clean energy generation, conversion and storage. This seminar brought together key figures from both countries to present and discuss new scientific ideas exploring their social, economic and commercial implications. The workshop took place amidst growing concern about whether the world is doing enough, and acting fast enough, to mitigate the impact of climate change by decarbonising the fuel and energy sectors in order to keep global temperature increases down to around two degrees centigrade.

Please download here the full report of this event.

Published on 19/11/2015

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