SIRIC job position: call for translational research teams


SiRIC-Curie is looking for outstanding translational research teams in major translational research areas including molecular pathology, assessment and biology of the metastatic spread, genetic susceptibility factors, radiobiology, preclinical and early clinical trials including those based on immunological approaches. A special interest will be given to groups dedicated to breast cancer research.

Institut Curie is a private, non-profit, charitable foundation dedicated to fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research as well as cancer patient’s care.

Applicants should be MDs with PhD or with equivalent research experience. They are expected to contribute to patient management in the clinical departments and spend a significant part of their time in the laboratory. Application by PhDs may be considered if excellent links with clinical activity can be demonstrated.

Deadline for Applications: 30th November 2015.

For further information and to apply, please click here.

Published on 05/10/2015

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