Seed Meeting: "Acquired Demyelinating Syndromes (ADS)"

The seed meeting, which took place on 13 and 14 November 2016, was made possible by the French Embassy in the UK in order to pursue a European collaborative initiative about inflammatory demyelinating diseases and anti-MOG antibodies that was initiated in Paris last year.


Clinicians and researchers from UK, Spain, Holland, Italy and France were gathered together during this 2 days meeting to discuss various topics from basic science to clinical aspects of the diseases. At the end of the meeting, it was decided:

  • To establish a European consortium which would follow « good partnership/collaboration practice ».
  • To pursue a collaborative study which is under preparation about relapsing demyelinating diseases with anti-MOG antibodies and their treatment. This study would lead the path to apply for future European grants.
  • To apply to a specific European call for proposals in the next few months, and a consortium led by France will apply for a project regarding inflammatory demyelinating diseases and a novel therapeutic approach.
  • To start a relapsing anti-MOG genetical study to be led by Pr Hintzen from Holland.
  • To start a centralized MRI study to be led by Pr Rostasy of Germany.

Chairs: Dr Deiva, Dr Hacohen and Dr Ming

Dr Boepsflug-Tanguy, Dr Wassmer, Dr Hemingway, Dr Serguera, Dr Horellou, Dr Waters, Dr Hintzen, Dr Konuskan, Dr Thais, Dr Wright, Dr Marignier, Dr Mancardi, Dr Targat, Dr Rostasy, Miss Leroy, Dr Williams.

Published on 22/11/2016

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