Seed Meeting: “Fibre Sensing in Harsh Environment” (FINDERS) [fr]

On 29th and 30th September 2016, researchers from 13 European research laboratories gathered at the French Embassy in London to identify project opportunities in the field of optical sensors for harsh environment, with a focus on geoscience, gas sensing, biomedical applications and energy production.


The meeting, led by Dr Jean-Louis Auguste (CNRS-Xlim, France), Dr Han Cheng Seat (CNRS-LAAS, France) and Dr Frederic Surre (City University of London, UK), brought together researchers from 4 European Countries (France, UK, Ireland and Romania) to discuss the end-user needs in terms of harsh environment sensing. Four end-users active in the fields of geoscience, gas and biomedical sensing, and energy production were present. The remaining participants presented a breadth of expertise ranging from theoretical physics to sensor system design via various optical fibre fabrication, optical sources and detectors, modelling, instrumentation…

The first afternoon started with an introduction of the objectives of the meeting. Each end user then presented issues in their field of studies that need to be addressed and, finally each participant highlighted their key research activities.

The second day was dedicated to propose and discuss sensor system ideas that could address the issues highlighted during day 1. For each of these ideas preliminary consortia were formed and funding call and agencies have been identified.
At the end of the meeting, two promising ideas and related European calls have been identified and further discussions are planned between interested partners.

Furthermore, three early stage research ideas have also been discussed and national or joint funding calls are currently being investigated. These ideas are focused on methane sensing in the deep sea environment, temperature and gas sensing at very high temperature, miniature gravimeter, and biological measurements.

Research Laboratories involved in the meeting:
-  CNRS-Xlim, Université de Limoges, France;
-  Optoelectronics for Embedded Systems Group, CNRS-LAAS, France
-  Géosciences Montpellier, Université de Montpellier, France;
-  Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, France;
-  European Center of Ceramics, Université de Limoges, France;
-  Research Center in Photonics and Instrumentation, City, University of London, UK;
-  Mathematical Physics research group, City, University of London, UK
-  Systems, Power and Energy Research Division, University of Glasgow, UK
-  Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies , Aston University, UK;
-  Astasense Ltd, UK;
-  RINCE, Dublin City University, Ireland;
-  Optical Fiber Sensors research group, University of Limerick, Ireland;
-  University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
-  Technical University of Cluj-Napoa, Romania.

The participants wish to thank the French Embassy in London and its staff for the warm welcome and flawless organisation.

Published on 24/10/2016

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