Seed Meeting: "Novel therapeutic strategy in control of cardiac remodeling"

Dr Oxana Kundouzova (Inserm) and Dr Dmitry Pshezhetskiy (University of East anglia) share their thoughts on the seed meeting they organised with the support of the French Embassy on 13th and 14th September in London.

"The meeting started with a wonderful lunch in a very informal, friendly and collegial atmosphere. It was really great to get together in such a nice place and even the weather was very supportive.


First day included talks of the meeting organisers, Oxana Koundouzova (INSERM, France), Dmitry Pshezhetskiy (University of East Anglia, UK) and Vadim Sumbayev (University of Kent, UK). The talks were followed by interesting and fruitful discussion of potential links between the projects performed by individual groups and from the very beginning it was obvious that the team will be able to come up with ambitious interdisciplinary research proposals combining broad areas of expertise.

Excellent, relaxed and very informal discussion then took place during the dinner and several agreements on collaborative projects on cardiovascular disorders and cancer were reached. The details were further discussed in the hotel after the dinner.

The second day included presentations given by other participants, Bernhard Gibbs and Yuri Ushkaryov (both from the University of Kent, UK). The discussions of possible joint grant applications then took place and very interesting ideas were proposed both at the meeting room and during the lunch.

We have defined a strategy for the National and European grants (ANR, Horizon 2020). At least three joint grant applications of the EU level were planned. In addition, the team agreed to explore other interdisciplinary routes and this information in now being exchanged and discussed by the meeting participants.

Thanks to this seed meeting we managed to establish a new interdisciplinary research consortium which has the right combination of fields of expertise, level of ambition and enthusiasm to work together."

Published on 11/10/2016

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