Seed Meeting - Variations sur le futur en francophonie. Description linguistique et applications didactiques  [fr]

The Seed Meetings programme of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom aims to facilitate international cooperation between researchers in the UK and France.

The meeting gathered researchers in theoretical, applied and corpus linguistics, teacher trainers and lobbyists for languages from various universities and institutions in France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and the UK (Université d’Orléans, Université de Paris, University of Silesia, Université de Genève, CNRS, University of Aston, UCL,…). A handful of colleagues from North America were able to join parts of the discussion thanks to the Collaborate software.


The afternoon of the 30th October was devoted to presentations by the participants about variation in the expression of the future in French alone and in contrast with other languages, about the need for teaching to be anchored in authentic usage, and about the language crisis in the UK.

The morning of the 31st October revolved around a brainstorming on the research questions and objectives for a network around the future, as well as on potential educative and practical exploitations. The group agreed on the necessity of a linguistic description rooted in authentic resources that represent the range of Francophone varieties, and on the need for producing relevant outputs for education (e.g. support to primary teachers in the UK) and for employment (e.g. toolkit on how to express one’s future professional aspirations for under-qualified job seekers or refugees).

The final afternoon was dedicated to a discussion of AHRC funding scheme forms.

Published on 07/11/2019

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