Seed Meetings: Results of the Second Call for Proposals 2018

The Seed Meetings programme of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom aims to facilitate international cooperation between researchers in the UK and France. The call for application is biannual (open in May and November each year).


The four following proposals have been selected to benefit from the Seed Meetings programme:

  • Network development. Bioactive molecules from plants: production and valorization in food, health and cosmetics. Lead reseachers: Claire Rossi (Université de Technologie de Compiègne, UMR 7025 CNRS) & Fady Mohareb (Cranfield University)
  • Accurate and standardized diagnostic tool for disorders of consciousness. Lead reseachers: Jacobo Diego Sitt (INSERM, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière) & Damian Cruse (University of Birmingham)
  • Dynamic modeling and simulation for molecular communication networks. Lead reseachers: Malcolm Egan (INSA-Lyon) & Trung Q. Duong (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Towards sustainable sheep farming in a wide spectrum of harsh environments: the role of precision livestock farming technologies on promoting animal welfare and environmentally friendly systems. Lead reseachers: Eliel Gonzalez-Garcia (INRA) & Claire Morgan-Davies (Scotland’s Rural College)

Published on 05/11/2018

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