Summary: Franco-British Symposium on Composite Materials



The Franco-British Symposium on Composite Materials was held at the majestic Residence of France in London on the 28th and 29th April 2015.

Attendees from government, large and small companies, academia, RTOs such as Catapult Centres, IRTs and competitiveness clusters, coming from all parts of France and the UK, seized this opportunity to network during one day and a half of presentations and exchange of ideas.

Focused on the challenges faced by the transport sector, in particular the automotive, rail and aerospace industries, presentations covered both economic and technological issues regarding the introduction and use of composite materials for transportation.

Although each sector has its own specificities and difficulties, some aspects were recurrent and common to both France and the UK:

  • Need to reduce weight, consequently, carbon emissions
  • High costs, in particular in the supply of some raw materials
  • Regulation may a barrier to the use of innovative composite materials
  • Need to establish common standards
  • Issues with the supply chain


The final agenda and biographies of speakers can be downloaded here and the presentations below.

DAY ONE: 28th April, afternoon

Welcome address
Mr Cyrille Van Effenterre, French Embassy

Session 1 - Setting the scenes

Chair: Mr Cyrille Van Effenterre, French Embassy

French perspective
Dr Xavier Montagne, French Ministry for Education, Higher Education and Research

UK National Strategy
Mrs Alison Starr, Composites Leadership Forum

Session 2 - RTOs, clusters and networks

Chair: Dr Lien Ngo, Innovate UK

Jules Verne Manufacturing Valley
Mr Sébastien Leroy

HVM Catapult Centre: National Composites Centre
Prof Peter Chivers

HVM Catapult Centre: Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
Miss Elaine Arnold

Composites Rhône-Alpes
Dr Jean-Marc Feuillas

Knowledge Transfer Network – Advanced Composites
Mr Ajay Kapadia

Composites Innovation Cluster
Mr Will Searle

Session 3 Challenges in the transport industry – Automotive

Chair: Mr Francisco de Oliveira, Chomarat

Developments in thermoplastic composites for automotive applications
Dr Thierry Renault, Faurecia

Carbon fibre applications in mass-produced automotive structures
Mr Robert Crow, Jaguar Land Rover

French composite pilot lines for automotive industry
Dr Philippe Le Bot, IRT Jules Verne

Novel automotive construction techniques
Dr Sophie Cozien-Cazuc, FAR-UK Ltd

Composites, performance and the automotive sector
Dr Loïc Adamczak, Plastic Omnium

Delivering effective automotive composite solutions through industrial academic interactions
Mrs Helena Simmonds, HVM Catapult Centre: WMG

DAY TWO: 29th April

Session 4 Challenges in the transport industry – Rail

Chair: Mr Nick Savage, Cobham

Fire behaviour of composites in transport
Prof Geoff Gibson, NewRail Research Centre

Issues to introduce composites in the railway sector
Dr Daniel Cadet, ALSTOM Transport

Session 5 Challenges in the transport industry – Aerospace

Chair: Mr Thierry Mannevy-Tassy, Hutchinson

Composite application in Airbus
Dr Pascal Dublineau, Airbus

Innovations in composites at Rolls-Royce
Dr John Marshall, Rolls-Royce plc

High performance multifunctional materials
Mrs Delphine Carronnier, IRT Saint-Exupéry

Session 6 New composite materials

Chair: Dr Rajab Said, ESI Group

Strength and damage tolerance of current and emerging composites
Dr Silvestre Pinho, Imperial College London

Graphene in composites
Prof Constantinos Soutis, The University of Manchester

Design from nanoscale of carbon fiber-based functional composite materials: special attention on thermoset matrices and interfaces
Prof Jean-François Gérard, INSA Lyon

Light alternative to black metal
Mr Ebby Shahidi, Chomarat

Composites: From Flax to Graphene
Dr Matthew Thornton, NetComposites

High performance ductile composites
Prof Michael Wisnom, ACCIS, University of Bristol

Session 7 Design and Manufacturing solutions

Chair: Mr Alain Lemasçon, Cetim

EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites (CIMComp)
Prof Andrew Long, University of Nottingham

Design of composite structures: from mechanical behaviour characterisation to structural optimisation
Dr Christian Fagiano, ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab

Joining technologies for composites
Dr Chris Worrall, TWI Ltd

Processing of composites through micro-wave heating. A green technology to achieve high rates of production
Mr Marc Moret, LoireTech

Advanced composite pipes
Mr Mike Andreae, Sigma Precision Components

Session 8 Recycling/Reuse

Chair: Dr Alex Baidak, Hexcel

CRECOF - From recyclable to effective recycling
Mr Mathieu Schwander, PEP

Future directions for the recycling of composite materials
Dr Gary Leeke, University of Birmingham

Session 9 Opportunities for collaboration

Chair: Dr Robert Quarshie, The KTN

Panel discussion: Horizon 2020
Mr Sébastien Leroy (French NCP for Advanced Manufacturing)
Dr Kalyan Sarma (UK NCP for Advanced Materials)

Panel discussion: Regional collaboration
Ms Olivia Cahn (EMC2 - Pays de la Loire)
Dr Jean-Manuel Mas (Axelera - Rhône-Alpes)
Dr Jean-Marc Pujol (Solvay)

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Published on 30/09/2015

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