Syria situation remains "frightening", says Laurent Fabius

Syria – Hearing of M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, before the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee

Paris, 15 April 2014


The crisis in Ukraine means the media are no longer talking about Syria, but the massacres continue and the situation remains frightening. We continue to believe that the solution to what has become an endlessly fuelled international conflict cannot be a military one; so we must keep on searching for a political solution. We also need to get the Security Council resolution on the free movement of humanitarian aid in Syria applied; the text, although adopted unanimously, isn’t being applied by some of those who passed it. We have already said we would deem it a tragic farce if, in the context of war, a presidential election is organized in which Bashar al-Assad stands as a candidate, and which is devised in such a way that only those [candidates] who have lived in Syria for 10 years are entitled to participate in it. Consultations continue within the Friends of Syria group, but I have no positive news to report.

This morning I met representatives of Syria’s and other countries’ Christian minorities. We’re trying to treat the Syria issue separately from the Lebanon issue. We’ve worked to ensure that Lebanon has a government and a programme; this is now the case. The new phase involves reaching a stage where there is a president; our ties of friendship with Lebanon allow us to be active. (…)./.

Published on 18/02/2016

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