The Honorary Consuls


What is an Honorary Consul?

An Honorary Consul is a volunteer who looks after French citizens living outside Greater London. He works in designated areas of the country and can be French or have another nationality.

When can I contact an Honorary Consul?

If you live in the local area of an Honorary Consul, you can contact him/her to request a French ID card, and collect it from him/her.

What is the difference between a General Consul and an Honorary Consul?

The Honorary Consul doesn’t have the same role as the General Consul, he doesn’t administrate the French community and there are some administrative procedures that he cannot execute depending on their nationality.

Also, he/she can only do procedures that the French consulate can do.

What can do an Honorary Consul?

The honorary Consul has an administrative role. He transfers requests from French citizens such as to be registered in the French Citizens Register, requests for ID cards, transcript of registry office, etc.

You cannot request a passport from an Honorary Consul as the application must be made in person at the French Consulate.

To see the map of the Honorary Consuls in UK, click here

Published on 07/12/2012

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