The State of Higher Education and Research in France - 2016

This report aims at establishing a state of the art of higher education and research in France thanks to 50 indicators.


The main results to be noticed are:

  • A stabilized public investment in higher education: 29.2 billions € were spent in 2014 (+0,3% compared to 2013), with more than 2/3 focused on employees.
  • In 2014, almost 2 500 000 students were registered in a higher education establishment (+1.7% in 1 year). More than 12.1% were international students.
  • In 2014, almost 14 400 PhD were delivered. 75 600 PhD candidates were registered the same year; 40% were international candidates.
  • In 2013, 47.5 billions € were spent in R&D in France, which equals 2.24% of its PIB. France ranks 6th after Israël, South Corea, Japan, Germany and USA.
  • In 2013, about 575 300 professionals worked in R&D.
  • In 2013, 266 200 full-time researchers worked in France.
  • In 2014, France ranked 6th in terms of scientific publications in the world,
  • In 2013, France ranked 4th in terms of patent filings in Europe according to the European patent office.
  • France benefits from 11.1% of the European Horizon 2020 Programme, and ranks 3rd behind Germany and the UK.

Please click here to read the report (in French)

Published on 28/02/2018

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