The State of Higher Education and Research in France: latest report from the government

This report uses 49 indicators to establish a state of the art of higher education and research in France.

The main results to be noticed are:

-  An increased public investment in higher education: 28.7 billions € were spent in 2013, with more than 2/3 focused on employees.
-  In 2013, almost 2 500 000 students were registered in a higher education establishment (+1.8% in 1 year). More than 12% were international students.
-  In 2012, almost 13 000 PhD were delivered.
-  In 2012, 46.5 billions € were spent in R&D in France, which equals 2.23% of its PIB. France ranks 5th after South Corea, Japan, USA, and Germany.
-  In 2012, about 564 500 professionals worked in R&D.
-  In 2012, 259 100 full-time researchers worked in France (2nd in the EU after Germany).
-  In 2013, France ranked 6th in terms of scientific publications in the world, and 4th in terms of patent filings according to the European patent office.
-  France was the 3rd EU country to benefit the 7th Framework Programme funded European Research and Technological Development, ranking after Germany and the United Kingdom.

Please click here to read and download the report (in French).

Published on 09/07/2015

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