"The war is won, we’ve now got to win the peace", says Minister after fall of Raqqa

Fight against terrorism – Syria/fall of Raqqa – Remarks by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to various media organizations

Paris, 18 October 2017

The battle of Raqqa is coming to an end. Raqqa is, as it were, liberated.

My first thought is one of sadness for the families of the victims of the Bataclan attack and the attacks in the streets of Paris, Nice and elsewhere. Raqqa was the crucible of terrorism. It was one of the challenges of France’s participation in the coalition, and I note today that those crimes have not remained unpunished.

This is a moment of sadness, and at the same time, it’s the post-Daesh [so-called ISIL] era which is beginning. Daesh is now crushed to a very large extent and we’ve got to start thinking now about the political solution, which will have to restore calm to Syria and allow it to regain its integrity. This is another path. The war is won, we’ve now got to win the peace./.

Published on 20/10/2017

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