Time to step up North Korea sanctions - Foreign Minister

North Korea – Missile launch – Statement by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs

Paris, 28 November 2017

I utterly condemn the missile launch that North Korea has carried out today. France expresses its solidarity with Japan and South Korea, which are on the front line against this threat.

As I have recalled several times, the continuation of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic programme, in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, undermines the non-proliferation system and jeopardizes regional and international security.

I reiterate my strong belief that – more than ever – it is time to step up pressure and sanctions./.

North Korea – Remarks to the press by the Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations¹

New York, 29 November 2017

On North Korea, the highest French authorities have strongly condemned the missile test and President Macron just spoke about it from Abidjan, calling to increase sanctions on North Korea after the missile test.

My three key messages today, that I will pass on to my colleagues during the meeting of the Security Council, are the following:

1/ First, this test is another confirmation that the North Korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months, both in scope and scale. The threat has shifted from being regional to global, from being potential to immediate. The threat therefore concerns all of us. Number one.

2/ Number two, beyond this missile test, what is at stake is the very future of the non-proliferation regime. This regime, after decades of construction and improvement, is being challenged. It is true on the nuclear front, with North Korea. It is true on the chemical front in Syria. Confronted with such a threat and challenge from North Korea, weakness or ambiguity are simply not an option.

3/ This is why France calls for a strict and full implementation of existing sanctions. The work of the 1718 committee is crucial. We need to continue supporting it and intensify our efforts. But we also favour tightening the sanctions with strong additional measures. And we are ready to work, without any delay, along these lines with our partners.

So, in a nutshell, only maximum pressure on the North Korean regime today can pave the way to a political solution tomorrow. Maximum firmness today is our best antidote to the risk of war and our best tool to promote this political solution./.

¹M. Delattre spoke in English.

Published on 31/01/2018

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