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For all information on travelling to and visiting France, please contact ATOUT FRANCE and visit their website.

Atout France officially represents the French tourist industry in the UK. Working in liaison with British operators and the general public, directly and through the media, the Atout France office in London promotes all France’s many tourist areas and activities on the British market. As the world’s foremost tourist destination, France receives over 90 million visitors a year.

Atout France’s main goals in the UK are:
- To promote France and its destinations in order to increase visitor numbers and to champion global French destination brands as a point of entry into France’s regions
- To monitor the local market to better understand the habits and expectations of customers for targeted and effective marketing activities


A few TIPS you need before leaving

Do you need a visa? : If you are a British citizen or from another EU country, you only need a valid passport or ID for the whole length of your stay in France. More information on visas.

Driving : Do not forget to drive on the right when getting to France ! Here are tips offered by France’s national traffic centre Bison Futé, maps on French motorways and information (in French only) on the code de la route (highway code)

If you are driving to France, you should be aware that having a radar detector in your vehicle is illegal in France, whether in use or not. If caught, you are liable to a prison sentence, a fine, confiscation of the device and confiscation of the vehicle. You should therefore ensure radar detectors are removed from your vehicle before commencing any journey to France.

The French Government has introduced severe penalties for road traffic infringements. These include a sentence of up to ten years’ imprisonment and a fine of 150,000 Euros for causing death whilst over the alcohol limit; a sentence of up to seven years and a fine of 100,000 Euros for causing death by dangerous or negligent driving; and a sentence of up to two years, plus a fine of 30,000 Euros and seizure of the vehicle and device, for having any radar detecting device installed, even if this is switched off

Maps : Take a look at the French National Geographic Institute (IGN - available in French only), plan your trip in advance by checking the quickest way to get where you want to go or download detailed maps of France.

Pets : If you want to take your pet to France, you will need a health certificate stating all vaccination. The health certificate will be asked by the British authorities when going back to the UK. More information on how to import goods or animals to France.

French Holidays : Here is a calendar of school holidays in France.

The Foreign Office also offers traveller’s tips to France

Published on 05/02/2020

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