NATO "more solid than ever", says Europe Minister

Foreign policy – NATO/United States/Iran – Reply by Mme Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs, to a question in the National Assembly

Paris, 17 July 2018

The transatlantic relationship is indeed going through a period of unusual tension. It’s actually very unusual for an American president to describe the European Union as a foe of the United States. Unusual and inaccurate, because it was the Europeans who sprang to America’s assistance after 11 September, invoking Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

It’s also very unusual for an American president to attack Germany or interfere in the United Kingdom’s domestic politics; it’s unusual and it’s unfriendly. It’s unusual, too, for Washington to take trade measures on the basis of a national security motive that looks more like a pretext.

So what should we do in the face of this situation? It seems to me that we should both keep our nerve and stay on course. Keeping our nerve means distinguishing between quite peculiar-style remarks and reality. The reality of the NATO summit is that it ended with a declaration signed by all and that the Atlantic Alliance is more solid than ever, for one simple reason: that it benefits each of its members. Keeping our nerve means responding to the American trade measures in a united and proportionate way and not falling into the trap of a trade war in which there would be only losers. Staying on course means maintaining the Iran nuclear agreement with our European partners, but above all staying on course means building, on new foundations, a powerful Europe in control of its destiny and true to its alliances.

Thank you./.

Published on 08/01/2020

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