Vaccination against rabies

Your pet has to be at least 3 months old and vaccinated against rabies since 21 days to enter into France. This rule cannot be derogated from in any circumstances.

Please note as well that pets under 3 months old cannot be vaccinated against rabies in the UK or in France.

The vaccination must be done by a certified vet.

Make sure the vet records the following details on the pet’s passport:

-  The date of birth/age of the animal
-  The microchip number
-  The date of vaccination
-  The date the booster vaccination is due
-  The batch number

To find a veterinary surgeon in the UK, please look at the website :

To import your pet into the UK, please note:

If the vaccine booster is not done in time, the whole procedure (vaccination and blood test) has to be done again and the 6 months wait to enter the UK will apply.

Whilst travelling in France, don’t forget to have the booster done in France by a registered Veterinary Surgeon who has the “mandat sanitaire” (the veterinary surgeon who is authorised to give a certificate for the import/export of pets).

Ask your veterinary for the recommended times between boosters.

To locate the veterinary surgeons closest to you who has a "mandat sanitaire", please contact either the town council of the commune you are staying in, the Order of veterinarians or the local office of the "directions départementales de la protection des populations (DDPP)".

Published on 24/10/2013

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