Videos and presentations from the Franco-British workshop on responsible innovation


Franco-British workshop on responsible innovation :
From concepts to practice

23-24 May 2011

The Residence of the French Ambassador
to Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Workshop’s programme

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(PDF - 581.4 ko)

Workshop’s presentation

Welcome adress
- Bernard EMIE, French Ambassador
- Mark SINCLAIR, Science and Innovation department, British Embassy Paris

Day 1

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(PDF - 1.4 Mo)

21st Century Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- John BESSANT (Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Exeter University, Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer - Exeter University)

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(PDF - 3.1 Mo)

Innovation in society
- Pierre-Benoît JOLY (Senior Research Fellow INRA/SenS and IFRIS, Paris)

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(PDF - 275.3 ko)

Defining Responsible Innovation : what, who and how
- Judith PETTS (Dean, Social and Human Sciences University of Southampton, member of the former Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution)

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(PDF - 404.2 ko)

Responsible innovation from an EU Commission Perspective
- Gilles LAROCHE (DG Research and Innovation, Head of the governance and ethics unit, EC)

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(PDF - 1 Mo)

Promoting responsible innovation : constructive technology assessment and the Dutch experience
- Arie RIP (Technology Assessment of Nanotechnology, University of Twente)

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(PDF - 877.1 ko)

Responsible innovation R&D : the US experience
- Erik FISHER (Assistant Professor of Political Science, Arizona State University)

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(PDF - 3.1 Mo)

An initial cross UK Research Council Framework for responsible innovation
- Richard OWEN (European Centre for Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter)

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(PDF - 77.5 ko)

Responsible innovation : the French experience
- Rémi BARRE (Professor of Science Policy,CNAM)

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(PDF - 348 ko)

New technologies in society : opening up the debate
- Kathy SYKES (Professor of Science and Society, Bristol University)

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(PDF - 1.5 Mo)

French experiences in public engagement around new technologies
- Jean-Luc PUJOL (Environment and society, INRA)

Day 2

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(PDF - 884.9 ko)

Safe design and public engagement around nanotechnologies
- Christophe VIEU (Professor of Physics and Researcher, LAAS, Toulouse)

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(PDF - 1.6 Mo)

Beyond Nanoparticles : next generation nanomaterials. What are the next generation nanomaterials and in what sectors ?
- Peter DOBSON (Director of Oxford University’s Begbroke Science Park, RCUK Nanotechnologies Champion)

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(PDF - 10 Mo)

Designing in safety for next generation nanomaterials : learning from experiences with nanoparticles
- Ken DONALDSON (ELEGI Colt Laboratory, Edinburgh)

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(PDF - 2.2 Mo)

Safe design of next generation nanomaterials for consumer products
- Daniel BERNARD (Senior scientific advisor, ARKEMA)

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(PDF - 2.9 Mo)

Regulation of disruptive innovation : UK experiences
- Robert LEE (Co-director ESRC Centre on Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society centre)

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(PDF - 1.2 Mo)

French Experiences concerning the governance of new technologies
- Alexei GRINBAUM (Researcher, CEA Saclay)

Governance of emerging technologies
- Steve RAYNER (Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, Oxford University, Saïd Business School)

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