Workshop between the Instituts de Recherche Technologique (IRTs) and the Catapult Centres

At the initiative of the Science and Technology Department, the senior representatives of the French IRTs and of the British Catapult Centres gathered on 28 February 2017 at the Residence of France in London with the view to share experiences and exchange knowledge around the question of strategic positioning for innovation.

Invited to participate in a one-day workshop, aimed at exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge around the question of strategic positioning for innovation, senior representatives of IRTs and Catapult Centres gathered on 28 February 2017 at the Residence of France in London.

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This workshop was opened by His Excellency Ambassador Sylvie Bermann, who recalled that France and the United Kingdom present similarities in many fields (historical, economic, populations, cooperation, etc.), and also differences, particularly in terms of innovation success (as can be noted in various european and global rankings of innovation).

Following a half-day session in May 2016, organized in Paris by the British Embassy in France, this workshop aimed at exploring issues featuring common interest or challenges. To this end, the program was based on the concrete experiences shared by these two types of innovation players, in particular on the strengths and weaknesses of their strategic positioning with regard to interactions with both academic and private partners (SMEs and large companies). The roundtable discussions on these themes were rich and enabled the participants to continue the preliminary discussions held in Paris last May and to deepen their knowledge of the innovation ecosystem in the other country.

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The afternoon focused on the exploration of technological or thematic opportunities whose development and/or markets could benefit from bilateral cooperation. Again, discussions were launched after two presentations of concrete examples of cooperation between IRTs and Catapult Centres currently developing common projects. In particular, these round tables helped in identifying complementary technologies and/or activities between UK centres and French institutes, and to shed light on possible and relevant ways of implementing these bilateral cooperation (financing, financial rules, etc.).

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Published on 13/03/2017

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