Workshop on Markets Governance (UCL - French Embassy)

On 15 June 2017, the UCL Global Governance Institute(GGI), in collaboration with the UCL Development Planning Unit (DPU), has hosted an international Workshop on Private Sector Roles in Development and Governance in the Global South.

The workshop forms part of an events series organised jointly with the Embassy of France in the United-Kingdom, under the auspices of the long-established cooperation between the French Embassy’s Science and Technology Department and UCL Grand Challenges.


African market from above

Organised under the form of two panels, the Workshop has gathered nearly thirty specialists of the domain from UK, France and USA. It has motivated lively exchanges among the speakers and a rich interaction with the participants.

The issues covered informal markets, their characterisation and study, as well as the development of dependable infrastructures and relationships to help support the resilience of actors exposed to an increasingly complex and uncertain context.


The panelists and moderators of the Workshop (from left to right): Bill Worley, Senior Associate at IIED (GB); François Roubaud, Senior Scientist at IRD (FR), Michael Walls, DPU-UCL (GB); Colin Marx, DPU-UCL (GB); Jacques Charmes, DR Emeritus at IRD (FR), Jane Guyer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (US)

The Workshop was followed by a public Keynote lecture, entitled, Turbulence, Change and Interruption: Working with Informality in West Africa, delivered by Prof. Jane Guyer (Johns Hopkins Univ., US). It was attended by more than eighty participants. The instructive insights provided by the talk were substantially based on a comprehensive set of newspaper archives (including, articles and cartoons) that Dr Guyer had collected in Nigeria.

More information on previous events in this series of workshops is available here.

Published on 20/06/2017

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