Young French diplomats meet UK counterparts in London on joint training programme

Ambassador Bermann welcomes trainee diplomats from the Quai d’Orsay who are spending a week in London working alongside counterparts from the FCO

25 June
The ambassador welcomed UK and French trainee diplomats to a reception at the French Residence on Thursday evening, the fourth event in the joint diplomatic training programme.

The future French diplomats are on a week’s training course in London that will see them hone their negotiating skills on matters such as climate change and improving their knowledge of foreign policy.

The initiative ensures that all new entrants to the FCO and the Quai d’Orsay spend time together, allowing them to build personal relationships and a mutual understanding that will strengthen common working culture and bilateral partnership.

During the reception the Ambassador pointed to the many similarities between the two countries. She also spoke of the challenges that the two countries face while working together, such as the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, the fight against terrorism, and the crisis in Ukraine and Syria.

“For all these reasons, it’s fundamental for French and British diplomats to get to know each other even better and there is no better way to achieve this than the joint training programmes,” she said.

Ambassador Bermann also thanked Mr. Jon Davies, director of the newly established Diplomatic Academy, for his commitment to this programme and to the two country’s shared diplomatic work.

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Published on 29/06/2015

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