If you live in Scotland, please contact our Consulate General in Edinburgh

Otherwise, contact the Consulate General in London

France is represented by two Consulates General in the UK, one in London covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the other in Edinburgh for Scotland.

The Consulate General acts as Registrar for French nationals resident in the UK: issues them with identity cards and passports, registers their births, deaths and marriages, enters them on the electoral rolls and organizes polling stations for major national elections, draws up notarial acts and ensures the protection of their rights with regards to the British authorities.

It registers young men of French nationality living in the UK who reach the age of 18 and thus may be liable for French national service. In some circumstances, it also gives assistance to French nationals (scholarships, limited and temporary financial help).

It is also responsible for issuing visas pursuant to the Schengen Agreement to persons who require them.

Consulate General in Edinburgh
11, Randolph Crescent
Edinburgh, EH 3 7TT
Tel : 0131 225 7954 | fax : 0131 225 8975
Consulate in Edinburgh

Consulate General in London
21, Cromwell Road - London SW7 2EN
Tel : 020 7073 1200 | fax : 020 7073 1201
Consulate in London

Published on 06/11/2012

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